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What In The Name of Zombies Am I Doing Here?

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preppy store clerk Apr. 30th, 2006 @ 06:12 pm
i just remembered, I saw the preppiest store clerk in the world yesterday. when she wasn't talking, her tongue was hanging out of her half open mouth. i was thinking, "Why do you have to have your mouth ope and tongue hanging out like a slobbering dog? It's not sexy. And get rid of that scary valley-girl accent. Or go 'gag yourself with a spoon', as your kind says..." But I didn't say that. Because on the outside, I try to be nice.
Current Mood: bitchyI Hate Preps
Current Music: Editors - Munich

Apr. 30th, 2006 @ 04:37 pm
i made a pizza last night. yum... i have to dye my hair blood red again for the fangoria weekend of horrors in june. damn, it's almost here. how time flies when zombies are on your mind. i feel like going down to central p-town and being crazy. nah. i'll just ride my bike. Maybe i'll go play guitar in my room. maybe i'll sleep. who knows? i might as well do something. for all i know, i could be dead tomorrow.
Current Mood: boredNuffin' to do
Current Music: Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) - Nancy Sinatra

damn Apr. 30th, 2006 @ 04:28 pm
i'm so sick of homework and shit. i'm bored, i need a reprieve from the ordinary. My partner is overpossessive. it makes me angry. and she's friggin' obsessed with snogging. things are not going well, so, I guess it's "bye bye birdy!" to her. It started out fine, but declined into crap and madness. i wanna draw, but can't think of nuffin'. people who are obsessed with me piss me off. so now i'm gonna be single. not like any guys or girls are gonna like me anyway.
Current Location: under a mouldy rock

well... Apr. 29th, 2006 @ 07:31 pm
So sleepy. Bought a Gorillaz shirt today. woulda got a noodle one, but it was pink... so i got one with everyone on it. ugh... sleepy. updating my ipod as we speak. lalala! saw some shoplifters and laughed as they were taken away. in handcuffs.

Hair! Mar. 17th, 2006 @ 10:13 pm
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! new hair! i was trying out my you're gonna die stare all day! a slight happiness function just occured in my brain! Okay. Good feelings gone...

and lady and the tramp is the best movie ever! don't anyone badmouth it or i'll rip of your fingers, grind them up and feed them to you. Nahnahnah no no no. No... just joking. Wasn't that funny? No.
Other entries
» sad
noodle's room is decaying... sad...

i wonder if this works...

let's hope it does....
» el manana
this was the saddest video ever. but my name is the first word in the song. And indeed "summer is lonely"... i salute you noodle, and hope you live through this...

We can only hope for a better day
But we can't wish the bad feelings away
The destruction of innocence is at hand
The boy will soon die and become a man
The cruelty of the word shows its ugly face
And fills in innocence's place
And there is nothing, O cruelty, that we can do
Neither our teachers, our parents, nor we can stop you
We can only pick up the pieces and start again
And hope that in the burning wreckage
We will find a friend...
» What A Day...
I forgot about my term paper for art this month, had some pervert hit on me, AND almost lost my mother. What in the name of zombies is going on?!

So it's the end of the term, right? So there are a bunch of deadlines. One of which is for this arts focus paper about a master artist. An Aztec Paper is also due, along with my high school applications. So after getting all of this and more mixed up, I call my mother back because she had left me a message about Southern Oregon's snow day. My stepdad answers and tells me that Mom had an accident and her van had rolled over. He tells me she is fine and to call back later.

She's okay? I couldn't believe that. For all I knew, she could really be in a hospital with friggin' IVs stuck in her arms and in a full body cast.

So I'm sitting on a public bus, right? And I start worrying, right? I can't talk to the tweaker to my right or the suicidal maniac to my left. So I started fidgeting. But oh, what looks the people gave me. Priceless. I almost started bawling.

So I just talked to Mom. She's fine, but the van, well, it's totaled. Ain't no windows left from what I hear.

That's what insurance is for, right?
» Yawn...
I need more friends... I'm doomed to a life of lonliness. Oh well, who cares. My drawings will keep me company.
» Another Lab Test, Even More Brain Damage...
Gorillaz and DangerDoom are filling up my brain! Augh! Brain overloading with lyrical knowledge! Guitar tabs coursing through my blood! Must watch more Gorillaz music videos! Wait! There are no more!
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